Objectives for a Positive Lifestyle among Children

  • To provide a sustainable and safe residential care facility
  • To practice and promote the holistic approach to child care
  • To encourage a positive lifestyle among our children through creativity and other behavior modification programmes
  • To address learning problems of those who are behind scholastically to enable them to enter into mainstream education
  • To instill healthy family norms and values to bring about a more balanced life (through a re-socialization process).

Target Group

Our children, most of whom are Foetal Alcohol Affected, come from families throughout the Overberg Region where they have been neglected, or physically, sexually and emotionally abused. To provide a healthy environment, programmes are introduced to help the children adjust according to their needs.

Our goal is to provide a secure setting conducive to their development, through Life Skills education and re-socialization processes. We also try to provide a place where these children will feel safe and secure and the families of the children are encouraged to maintain contact with them.