It was such a huge privilege and honor to meet with Mr. Redau Safodien from the University of the Western Cape and his 3rd year supervision group on 25 November 2019!

There’s always room to meet new people and to build your framework of networks in the work we do. We always appreciate and welcome every single outreach and form of assistance at our facility!
Yesterday, the third year group came to spend part of their termination activity at OCYCC and it was truly a wonderful experience exposing our facility to more people, especially young people. Building networks is such a fun and heart-warming experience! Besides, there is nothing better than insightful conversation with people who have a passion for the work they do.
We want to thank this group with sincere and heartfelt thankfulness. They came and placed HUGE smiles on our faces with amazing donations of stationary in support of our current stationary drive and holiday food packets. We were in awe. So so grateful!
We are so happy about our new partners and group of individuals who welcomed an outreach to our project and the every day work that we do! A very big thank you to Mr. Safodien and his third year supervision group. It was the greatest pleasure hosting you and sharing our facility with you. We definitely look forward to more networking and exploring our service delivery in a diverse way.
We look forward to plenty more experiences with UWC!