Life Skills that Encourages Positiveness and Self-Respect

The children follow daily programmes that is centered around their developmental needs under the guidance and supervision of the child and youth care workers, whom in turn are supervised by the residential Social Worker.

The Centre Social Worker meets with children individually on a weekly basis where they receive therapy. The Social Worker also facilitates group work sessions weekly where various developmental aspects are discussed within a group context.

The children attend local schools daily and receive assistance with their homework. They are also encouraged to participate in community activities such as sport, arts and culture in order for them to develop optimally.

Daily Structured Programme

1.  Behaviour modification programmes

Group Work Sessions to encourage positive behaviour and self-respect. This programme specifically focuses on emphasizing the child’s positive behaviour and to change negative behaviour. Children are continuously rewarded for good behaviour, i.e. always keeping their rooms clean, cleaning the dishes, not complaining to complete tasks and always performing said tasks accordingly. In addition, the children are rewarded with sweets and chocolates and also pocket money every week – based on their behaviour.

2.  Sport and Recreation

  • Soccer / Rugby / Karate / Athletics
  • Drama
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Structured games
  • Needle work
  • Church and youth
  • Camps
  • ”Little Big Cook Off” – “Bak-en-Brou”, making stick bread (stok brood)
  • Talent shows
  • Puppet shows
  • Science experiments
  • Outings
  • Bible study
  • Choir
  • Narrative Therapy

3.  Victim Empowerment

Group Work Sessions that focus upon empowering children to make positive choices and act responsibly.

4.  Promoting Rights and Responsibilities

Focusing upon the children’s rights and responsibilities during Group Work Sessions in order to empower them to identify their rights.

5.  Independent Living Skills

Teaching the children valuable life skills through Group Work Sessions in order to empower them individually to face life’s demands once they are reunited with their families.

Due to the children coming from diverse background and with them being exposed to various type of disadvantages and lack of or no proper care, they struggle to adapt to the structure of the facility when admitted. However, with needed support and guidance from our staff members, they are taught the basic independent living and life skills. This is to ensure that the child learns the necessary coping skills and methods to ensure optimal development and better reintegration into the community.