We hope you had a lovely Madiba Day in the month of July!

In celebrating the gift of loving, our kids had the wonderful opportunity to feel more valued, appreciated, loved and cared for by so many others outside our household. It was yet again a reminder that there are more than OCYCC looking out for our kids.

It all started with a health workshop few months ago, talking about our work with tannie @Louise Meyer from the Department of Health (Caledon) and meeting up to see what our needs are. The wonderful tannie introduced us to a huge group of amazing tannies en uncles that offered their time, energy and love to celebrate Madiba day with us.

This lovely group of people do not only support us on specific days, but in general – playing with the kids on the beach, having picnics with them, overflowing them with sweets and fun stuff. Tannie Louise 🦋 has such a special place in each and every one of our hearts. Thank you so so much for opening our Centre to so many more opportunities and possibilities to grow and develop. Her daughter got an entire group of fellow grade 11’s from High School Overberg and assisted in creating the most creative and extraordinary present boxes (our kids’ faces lit up seeing a personally designed little box filled with nice things). Cannot thank you enough. 🌻♥️

Another Madiba Day highlight was the Department of Correctional Services (Caledon) who also donated lotsa food, toiletries and snacks as their annual outreach programme. Definitely looking forward to a great partnership with the Department in the future. They only came to drop the donation off, but ended up giving us so much insightful information and a willingness to invest more time in our kids’ lives. And Tannie Elgina Nasen and I can go on talking for hours. Thank you so much.
Your kind gesture is so heartwarming and is very much appreciated… ♥️

We still enjoy the showers of blessings (rain and outreaches done with love) in and around our community. We appreciate every single contribution from our stakeholders in creating happy hearts at OCYCC. Your assistance in every way of form is extremely dear to our hearts.

🌻🌻🌻 Once again, we thank you and appreciate you all.

*OCYCC staff and kiddies ♥️