The March 2019 school holidays encompassed lotsa fun and exciting excursions with our kids! For instance, us as staff, along with our superstars enjoyed every single bit of it. We are nearing the days before the school holidays where they will be able to see their loved ones for a few weeks. The excitement is enticing and they look forward to spending some time with Mom/Dad/Sis/Boet.

In addition, we also send them home with food and toiletry parcels to ensure that their needs are optimally met. Our parents are impoverished and most have challenges fighting addictions – with little or no means to holistically provide in the kids’ basic needs. Therefore, please do not hesitate in joining us in our quest to provide our kids with the basic essentials to make their stay at home pleasant.

In conclusion, every single way and form of help is thanked for in advance! Contact us for any enquiry and additional details. ♥️

Warmest regards,
The Overstrand Child and Youth Care Centre Staff

Ps. Some exciting outings: March 2019.

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